M2Bob P-Server List

This List gives you a small overview whether a P-Server is working with M2Bob or not.
To be 100% sure, please also read the corresponding forum thread to make sure the infos here are up to date.

Please notice, that we don't guarantee P-Server Support, however, we try our best to make it as good as possible.
In case a server is not working, we usually need 5 users per server to make sure there is enough demand to look at it.

We are trying to fix PServers if many users are interested, but we dont guarantee support for a specific PServer!
If you are interested in a special Server, you can test it during the free hour.
More infos can be found in the Forum, big PServers should have their own thread there.
Name Languages Homepage Thread Working StatusUpdated Remarks Users Show users
Ashia2 Reborn https://reborn.ashia2.cz No2020-11-02 1
Asopus2 https://asopus2.ro No2020-10-24 5
Asenis https://asenis.pl No2020-10-19 5
Pangeayt2 https://pangeayt2.eu Yes2020-10-19 0
Metin2Eternity https://mt2et.net No2020-10-19 4
Galia2 https://galia2.pt No2020-10-19 0
Worea https://worea.net No2020-10-19 0
Alaska2 https://alaska2.ro/index.php No2020-10-19 0
Helkyos2 https://helkyos2.ro No2020-10-19 0
Origins2 https://origins2.global Yes2020-10-19 0
Ateris2 https://ateris2.com Yes2020-10-19 0
Metin2Fun https://www.metin2fun.ro No2020-10-19 0
Dalaya https://dalaya.eu No2020-10-19 5
Valkyria https://valkyria.bz/ Yes2020-10-19 0
Celestial-World http://celestial-world.com Yes2020-10-13 0
Age of Menor https://ageofmenor.cc/en/ Yes2020-10-13 0
Sepherion2 https://sepherion2.biz/index Yes2020-10-13Download the client from the server thread 0
SunshineMt2 https://sunshinemt2.com/ Yes2020-10-13 0
Leriya2 https://leriya2.eu No2020-10-18 0
Ayora2 https://hp.ayora2.eu No2020-10-13 0
Metin2 SG https://www.metin2sg.com Yes2020-10-13 0
Venus2 https://venus2.de/hp/ No2020-10-13 0
Aeldra2 https://aeldra.to No2020-10-13 0
Velia2 https://www.velia2.net/index No2020-10-13 0
Arbitrium - Develop your Strength http://www.arbitrium-server.de Yes2020-10-19 0