10.8.2 Feedback

      @Slait, right now with all frankness and sadness I can say, that our M2bob is being identified by the GF system, which means that it is impossible to have a little security, it is of no use to create and create how many that after a while the gf system is banning them, moderating friends, @Slait and company, in favor they are asked, a correction, I know that it is not easy to work, but we already have months in this problem, we know, that right now the people of GF are managing to stop the bob in a high percentage.. friend as such I ask you for a solution, I humbly appreciate a favourable response, as time is running out
      If you struggling with GF only solution is STEAM which have no problems at all. In GF there are easily things slait can't bypass just like in old days.. you need to except that or stop botting mate... most of the leople just switched to steam and they are happy me included.
      Hey buddy I think you got wrong door. The leather club's two blocks down.
      Test 12 feed back
      1- ibb.co/JtM6qX6 if u click okay —>
      ibb.co/X3xcHMh Sometimes the error shows up and my bot stops (i used steam folder and gf folder didnt change anything)

      2-if the char is done with collecting cors sometimes he doesnt change the character and just waits only waithack range is on and picking doesnt move or trying change the character

      3-if the client starts and freeze on server chosse screen it sometimes not close himself and blocking the other clients to start