M2protect upincoming problem for the next generation of private servers

      M2protect upincoming problem for the next generation of private servers

      Hello guys!

      I'm writing this post regarding the protection called M2protect. IMO this protection will be a very big problem for the upincoming private servers globally. It's starting to get a lot of attention lately with their updates right after Slait's hotfixes, like in 1-2h. Some examples of private servers(that I can think of) that have this protection are Alon2, Ashira2 ( ashira2.ro/ ).

      The protection works this way:
      1. You open m2bob and try to open a client, m2bob gets detected, the client is closed and you are automatically redirected to this site: m2protect.net/?p=unlucky&type=1&reason=M2Bob . Tried with a couple of older versions and I've got the same message
      2. After some tries you are redirected to this webpage: m2protect.net/?p=unlucky&type=2&reason=M2Bob . And from now on you can not open the client even without m2bob, and I guess this is a temporary ban on the HWID.

      Is it possible to permanently fix this protection? If I can I would like to help the m2bob team however I can. Maybe the m2bob team could afford to purchase the protection and release a permanent fix for this protection, or a way for us, m2bob users to fix the protection ourselves.

      The protection can be bought from here: crpt.ro/

      I hope this topic gets some attention and maybe other m2bob users that encounter the same problem with this protection and have some more information could leave it here, it could be useful to the m2bob team.